The Patronage Economy and Fan Accessibility

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  1. I despise the idea that artists should be pressured into forced relations with their "fans." Although it is a great idea for artists to demonstrate what type of person they are (on social media posts/their website/interviews/etc), it does not have to be at an overly personal level or on an every day basis (what is Taylor Swift doing today?) absurdity. Artists make great art by concentrating on their art, and yes living life- and sharing every little detail is no way to live life (it is a way to waste precious time sharing every little detail). I am certain that such schemes are NOT created to help the artist- they are created to help the auxiliary people/companies/advertisers looking to make money off of the artist (milking the gravy train). Anytime art is butchered just for additional money making schemes, we all lose. Nice post Michael.



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