Reclaiming the Intention of Fandom

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  1. Fascinating article! Loved everything that you are thinking. I’m going through the same thing! My finances currently does not allow me to purchase amounts of music like you, but I would love to go back to things that I own rather than “access” them. Would love to pick your brain about this more!

    1. I’m definitely not Mr. Money Bags at the moment either so I totally understand. There are still little ways you could support through Bandcamp. Setting aside a certain amount every week or month to spend on music, even if just $20 a month, might be manageable. Adjust the amount month-to-month if you’d like, depending on how you’re doing financially. You can also look out for ‘name your price’ releases — there are lots of these (all of my label’s releases are ‘name your price’), and those artists or labels are happy if you throw down just a couple dollars. Or, even, if you ‘name your price’ as $0 — just be sure to let them have your email address in return. An email address, where the label or artist can let you know of new releases and news, is just as good as money to many. On that note, be sure to ‘follow’ any artists or labels that you like on Bandcamp, even if you haven’t purchased their music. Allowing them to keep you abreast of new releases is a great way to show support and doesn’t cost anything.



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